Why we do what
we do

We don’t just pay lip-service to our core values, they’re the whole reason PXL Systems was founded in the first place; to take things that were broken and make them better!


At PXL Systems we all come from a background of working for other managed service I.T. companies.
After a while, we really didn’t enjoy working for them.

With PXL, we’ve made something we can actually be proud to be a part of. We want to enjoy going to our client sites, and we definitely want clients to love working with us. We want to have fun at the office because we know the best employees are passionate and actually like coming to work.

So we’re the people that bring in doughnuts. We’re the people that work that little bit extra and don’t bill because we had fun. We’re great at what we do, we want to help, and we want your business. We’ll prove it.


Most I.T. providers don’t concern themselves with the user experience and that’s always confused us. What’s more important than how you interact with your systems every single day? We’ll strive to make it as easy as we can. If we can remove extra steps for you, that’s a win for us.

We’ll plan with you and work to make sure your priorities are understood and upheld, on your schedule. We work to eliminate confusion, and are clear in any communication whenever possible.

I.T. is complex, but talking about it doesn’t have to be.


Most I.T. companies don’t juggle flaming torches. We… Well, we don’t do that either. We can’t juggle. But hey, at least we tell you that right away instead of writing up a big juggling presentation, getting your very important juggling contract, then constantly drop the torches.

Everything from our billing to the reason we do everything technical is designed to be understood. Or you can just ignore the technical stuff, and simply enjoy that things are working better than they’re intended!

We want things to be fair and up-front for everyone.


We have Canada’s first and only (As far as we know!) I.T. Economist on-staff to help our clients and ourselves make the most reasonable financial and technological decisions. Why replace all your systems when a refresh is the smartest thing to do at one fifth the cost and 80% of the speed of a new system?

We upcycle machines that are given a full wipe and revamp by us, and then we donate the hardware to our nonprofit clients. No waste, and a good cause!

We make smart and economical recommendations because if our clients win, we win.

Pix the robot is part of PXL System's, a managed service provider in Calgary


We make sure your hardware and software aren’t going to betray you. When you choose PXL, we complete a thorough onboarding that covers every aspect of your systems and network to make sure it’s up to our high standards. We generally find quite a lot to fix!

We perform scheduled maintenance to servers and every single desktop to not only know our clients better than anyone, but to know what is and isn’t normal at every site. We also monitor things like dust buildup, power bar age, and power draw.

Once a year, we run a huge internal antivirus competition from dozens of corporate sources to find out the best one on the market for our clients. Has your office ever had an infection? We haven’t had a client under our care that has.

We handle theft monitoring, give training, work with companies to produce phishing tests, and promote safe network habits.
We pay attention to things that most I.T. professionals just ignore.

Looking to get in contact?

Send us a message if you’re interested or if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

Pix is PXL System's mascot, as they are a managed service provider in Canada